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Alpha Navigation, created in 1997, has been providing crew management / crewing services and supplying vessels with competent and professional international crew consistently throughout the years. We recognize the importance of providing qualified crew on both sides − at sea and onshore. We accomplish this by personally screening each and every prospective applicant through rigorous competency, fitness, and English language comprehension tests to bring our clients the very best people. In accordance with the Shipowner's demands, the designated Crew Superintendent selects and employs the command and crew for the vessel.

We make sure to comply with all internal Quality Standards, IMO, STCW, and ISO requirements along with the vessel's manning stipulations. We maintain our high standard of excellence through performance appraisals and continuous upgrade training for our crews. Our client's satisfaction and success are of the utmost importance to us.

Bogdan Zelenski

The crew that will navigate you to your success

When I looked at the crewing industry in 1997, I felt that something was missing.

There was not enough accountability, transparency or consistency. Shipowners were not confident about who they were doing business with, and seafarers operated in a cloud of mystery. I founded Alpha Navigation in 1997 in an effort to create the kind of crew management company that I wanted to both work for and hire.

I am proud to say that we have not only lived up to this goal, but we maintain a tradition of surpassing it. From our rigorous screening tests for our seafarers to our strong relationships with shipowners, our dedication to quality and transparency is evident. We have found that seafarers gladly step up to the challenge of representing Alpha Navigation on the seas when they are held to higher standards. We have found that shipowners want to employ our seafarers when our process is completely accessible and visible to them. We have understood the human factor and redefined the way it is used in the crewing business.

Bogdan Zelenski / Founder

Julia Makarova AlphaNavigation

Julia Makarova

General Manager
Anna Pozdniakova AlphaNavigation

Anna Pozdniakova

Financial Manager
Ellen Makarova AlphaNavigation

Ellen Makarova

Senior Operations Manager

Our clients about us

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I incredibly glad, that made my first contract from Alpha Navigation. Service on a highest level. I finished my contract very successfully and hope that i again will go the next contract from Alpha Navigation.

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I was employed via Alpha Navigation one contract and he was short due to my family circumstances. 
So I can't say much about but for this short time Alpha Navigation was always enough responsive and effective since I contacted with them. There was no any means to prevent or deter me from… Read more

MV Maersk Sydney
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In my opinion Alpha Navigation is one of the best crewing agencies. I have always received a prompt and constructive response to my enquiry. 
All the staff are friendly, professional and helpful. Keep it up and good luck!
Thanks for your cooperation!




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